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The real challenge for boys is that they view this content regularly and believe it to be real. Boys as young as 7 years old view online porn, while the average age of first exposure in the United States is about 12. Viewing this type of content, in large volume, at that age can have immediate, and long lasting effects on the brain development of young men. This fantasy content can physically alter the brain chemistry and make of the developing brain of young people, and unlimited or unrestricted viewing has shown to have negative effects on young kids. This can manifest itself in shame, fear, and anxiety. In extreme doses, it can contribute to anger, aggression, depression, lack of interest in other people, loneliness, objectification and even assault. We do not provide our boys an alternative message to the content they view, and simply allow them to gain their sexual education from online pornography. This can rob a young Man of his own individual interests, and increase the resentment, anger and loneliness he may already be experiencing. He may change his own attitudes toward sexuality before he can spell 'sexuality'.
The obvious and most important challenge for girls, is that aggressive, porn-sex soaked boys, trained by Adult Fantasy Content to see young girls as sex objects face an accelerated idea of what initial physical contact should be like for them. Girls may acquiesce to behaviors that may not feel appropriate to them, or submit to much larger volumes of interaction, simply to provide the boys what they are seeking. This behavior does not come from a place of mutual respect, trust, communication and love. Girls are on the front lines of having to manage these 'damaged' boys. Additionally girls will watch porn to understand what boys "want", and by doing so give up their own idea of sexuality or physical engagement. This can lead to habitual resentment, anger and a difficulty in forming and maintaining future long term relationships. Girls endure assault, shaming, and rape as early as 7th and 8th grade. We as a parental demographic simply must do better.
If you are a neighborhood watch group, youth group administrator, PTO, or book club, we want to hear from you. If you are a School Superintendent, Administrator, Teacher or Counselor, even better. It is our intention to work with as many organizations as possible to socialize for parents and teachers the sheer volume of the challenge and the communication based solution. This is a difficult topic. As such it is not being discussed by parents, schools, churches, or the porn industry. Please join me to curb this lack of communication.
There are 12,000,000,000 porn videos viewed by 7-17 year olds in the United States every year. Estimates for a 15-17 year old boy's consumption of online pornography range as high as 50 videos a week in 2011. Parents are unaware of this volume for the most part, and in denial about their child's exposure on the other hand. The conversation has historically been very awkward. Some parents will have a talk with their kids about pornography in high school, or as they leave for college, but this is far too late statistically to prevent exposure, and the potential damage that exposure can do to the developing brain of a young person.
The Third Talk™ is here to provide parents information on starting the 'porn' conversation with their kids. It is our history, knowledge and delivery that secure success for the participants. I have had a front row seat while legal, political and 'do-the-right-thing' campaigns have all failed to curb this content's availability to kids. That was the catalyst to the The Third Talk™ Foundation Inc. The Third Talk™ has been an activist and advocate protecting children from inadvertently viewing Adult Fantasy Content for over 16 years. We take a very different approach when discussing this with kids and grown ups. The Third Talk™ uses real world information and remedies while taking into consideration the age and developmental level of its audience. We talk about the world our kids live in, not the world we wished they lived in.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

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