The Third Talk™ Interview at the Girl Up™ Regional Leadership Summit

The Third Talk Foundation™ founder, John Van Arnam, had a one-on-one conversation with a young woman at the UN Foundation’s Girls Up 2018 Regional Leadership Summit.

In this powerful excerpt, she talks about her experience navigating school and dating – or not dating – because of the repercussions of online pornography and its impact on her and her peers.

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The Third Talk™ Speaks to High School Kids

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, speaks to high school kids in North Carolina.

John speaks to these young people about the harm of viewing adult content and how doing so can become a script. Although John has been called a “subject matter expert,” a “sexual health consultant,” and a “lecturer,” he prefers the term “coach” – a coach on the prevention of pornography exposure to young people.

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