A Critical Dialogue About Our Children & Technology Seminar Highlights

Author Deborah Berry, Counselor Shaaron Boyles, Commander Kevin Roughton and The Third Talk™ Founder John Van Arnam came together in March of 2022 for a seminar entitled, “A Critical Dialogue About Our Children and Technology.”

In this video highlight of an almost 2 hour discussion, we want to impress upon parents the seriousness of the issues we and our children face just being able to access the internet.

Deborah Berry is a stay-at-home mom whose young daughter became the target of internet predators. Shaaron Boyles is a counselor who was tasked after 1998 with trying to find out why children were watching pornography and displaying problematic behavior. Kevin Roughton is Commander of the North Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force who talks about how Cyber Tips and Cyber Crimes skyrocketed after COVID and children started learning virtually. John Van Arnam talks about the solution to this national crisis and how we can communicate with our children to help them avoid this content that leads to sexting, grooming, being targeted by internet predators and human trafficking.

John has a 22-year history protecting children from viewing explicit online material and is the creator of the Parent’s Guide, an eBook and Video Series that helps parents initiate this difficult conversation with their kids. John is also available for Family Coaching Sessions as well as Appearances at your School, Church and Community Venues.

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