Anything is better than nothing

When I was a teen I used to sneak out of the house. Well, I thought I was sneaking. Turns out, my parents knew. Whenever I slipped out, the bells hanging on the door chimed. They heard those bells and knew exactly what was happening.

The allure of sneaking

Since I didn’t know that they knew, sneaking out had an allure, like a secret agent getting away with something. Like I was somehow smarter than they were.
Then one day they sat me down and told me about the bells, with that wry look parents have when kids overlook something obvious.
The allure vanished. I was no longer getting away with something.

Sneaking porn

When you talk with your child about porn, the very first thing that happens is you let them know that you know. They’re not sneaking and getting away with it, and neither are their friends.

The quickest way to take the “cool” out of porn is to let your kids know that you know they watch it.

Even if you don’t say much in that first conversation, you’ve accomplished something huge. You’ve let them know that you know. You’ve opened the door to future conversations. The rest will come in many short exchanges.

That’s why anything is better than nothing. Starting small is perfect.

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