The Third Talk™ in SBI Internet Safety Video

Dr. Robert Taylor, Deputy Superintendent of School and Student Advancement of the North Carolina Department of Student Instruction, begins this State Bureau of Investigations’ Internet Safety video by thanking The Third Talk™ and the SBI’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for their efforts in protecting children.

The Third Talk™ Foundation’s Director of Youth Outreach, Hannah Adcock, speaks about her personal experience navigating school and relationships as a youth, asking for your help in combating the harms of online content to our children.

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The Solution! The Third Talk™

The Solution! The Third Talk™

“Never in the history of mankind has this amount of pornography, in such a hardcore medium, been so available to anyone at any age…”

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The Third Talk™ on ABC 13 News

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, was on ABC 13 News with Lauren Brigman.

Founder, John Van Arnam, spoke with WLOS Channel 13’s Lauren Brigman about the harms of online content for young people.

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Boy & Mom Followup Conversation after The Third Talk™ Consultation

After a The Third Talk™ meeting with John Van Arnam, as a family, the son and the Mom agreed to come in and speak about their experience.

In a relaxed setting, Mother and son talk about not only how their private consultation with John went, but what happened afterwards. This video is designed to help kids and their parents understand how important and easy this conversation can be.

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The pros and cons of technology

Our technology is powerful! Like money, technology magnifies impact.

Having more or less money doesn’t make a person better or worse, but it does change their ability to affect others. A rich do-gooder can do a lot of good. A rich ne’er-do-well can be very destructive. Technology works like this, too.
What matters is the message. If I carefully craft my message, and it’s useful for you, I can have a big and positive impact. So can anyone.

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Can we laugh about Online pornography?

Can we laugh about Online pornography? We can!

Personable and without colorful language, John Van Arnam has been speaking about the harms of adult content with parents and their children for years. His style is practical and put everyone at ease.

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