Bill Maher Overtime Segment Discusses the Harms of Pornography on Today’s Youth

Bill Maher’s Overtime segment posted to YouTube on September 9th, 2022 features guests Wynton Marsalis, Scott Galloway and Matt Welch. During a conversation about TikTok, Democracy, China’s authoritarian political system and the differences in culture, jazz musician and teacher Wynton Marsalis made an important observation. His introduction of his experience with his young students watching internet pornography and the change that has occurred has been the focus of The Third Talk®’s mission for over 20 years. We at The Third Talk believe that parents must discuss avoiding internet pornography with their children. We encourage you to read and absorb this important discussion.

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Wynton Marsalis: We have absolutely no control over our communities, our families, our local government… We believe in Democracy, we believe in choice, but not when it comes to controlling our kids. We’ve got so much pornography in front of our kids; it ain’t coming from the Chinese. And I teach our kids. When I ask my students ‘What is the biggest difference between my generation and yours?’ I thought they were gonna say, ‘Man, you played all these kind of chords and you were doing this..’ One kid said, ‘Pornography.’ And I looked around and the next one said, ‘Yeah, porn.’

Bill Maher: I could not agree more. Whoever told you this about porn is onto something. And that’s apropos to our discussion about men [signaling to Scott Galloway], and one reason why they’re in crisis. When I was a kid…

Scott Galloway: Playboy.

BM: If you found [a Playboy magazine]…

WM: If you were lucky.

BM: Right. A Playboy.

Matt Welch: We all tried. Like, we all found Grandpa’s basement, and we all found the little newsstand in front of Paul’s Liquor, you know.

BM: But it was so benign. I remember when they went through a whole thing about showing pubic hair. [Hugh] Hefner was going to lose the General Motors and Ford accounts if they showed pubic hair in Playboy. And now a ten-year-old can see [redacted porn term] on his phone.

SG: We’re engaged in the largest unsupervised experiment of young men in history, and it’s porn.

BM: Right.

SG: And the problem, beyond creating unreasonable expectations around what it means to be in a relationship with a woman, it quite frankly takes your mojo to get out of the house and meet someone and develop the skills to actually have your own sex – [porn] takes that away.

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