What is it worth to assure that your child will be spared the fear, anxiety, and loneliness, (not to mention the potential of violence, and challenges later in life.)

The easiest and most effective way to initiate The Third Talk™ with your child is to speak with John Van Arnam directly. John will take direct calls from Parents to discuss this topic with them. He will communicate with them on Skype, and even make house calls in WNC. John can change your families understanding of adult content and it’s dangers in one session. Afterward there will be understanding and communication where before there may have been years of silence, fear and even hurt.

To meet with John, please book an appointment time in advance.

I do not blame, shame, ridicule, or use colorful language. I am a coach. I am a guide through this risky gauntlet. I speak to families regarding the world our kids live in, not the world we wished they lived in. I do this because the challenge we face is no less urgent than the health and wellbeing of our most impressionable family members. One conversation can be enough to permanently alter (for the better) a child’s trajectory toward hurt and unrealized happiness and fulfillment.



90 Minute Consultation

From: $249.00