One of the fastest, easiest and most private ways to initiate The Third Talk with your child is to speak with John Van Arnam directly on the phone or on Skype. John has agreed to take direct calls from Parents to discuss this topic with them, and offer them straight forward strategies to mitigate exposure. To do so, please book an appointment time in advance. Please plan to spend 15 minutes with John discussing the strategies he will use to initiate this conversation between you and your child. 15 minutes of questions from you including a description of your own family’s values and belief system, and then, should you agree, a 30 minute session with you and your child.

John is currently available to speak with boys ages 7-17 who identify as heterosexual. This is not an ideology. John identifies as heterosexual, is a male, and cannot properly articulate porn consumption for Women or members of the LGBTQ communities. We are currently interviewing counselors who will speak to young Women and girls and we will make this service available shortly.


One Hour Consultation

From: $99.00