Dopamine and DMs

Being a young kid is an exciting time. Awkward, but exciting. Our hormones are raging, we’re discovering ourselves and our sense of individuality, we’re given more freedom and choice as we begin to navigate the world outside the direct supervision of our parents. Our feelings are big and bold and brash. They’re also unpredictable and fluctuating.

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An Elder Millenial’s Take on Porn, Pt. II

Like I spoke of earlier, I’m an elder millennial, meaning I’m a small cohort of a generation that straddles the line of life pre-internet and life post-. My adolescence was marked heavily by the internet, but not defined by it.

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Paying it Forward

The last thing I wanted to do as a teenager was to think or talk critically about porn. One ten-minute discussion during my freshman year health class had felt like more than enough. Like most of my peers, I thought I had it all sorted out on my own. Now, six years later, those same conversations I squirmed at are the ones I can’t help but start.

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Teens think porn is sex-ed

Teens have a sneaky feeling that porn is the real sex-ed, the good stuff that we’re not telling them.

It’s not, of course, and we tell them so, but they don’t quite believe us.

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It’s time to get your priorities straight

Is this you? “I really want to talk to my kids about this, but there never seems to be a good time.”  Or, “I keep realizing that it’s time to talk to my kid, but other things get in the way.”  Or, “It’s very important to me, but we just haven’t found the time.”

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The pros and cons of technology

Our technology is powerful! Like money, technology magnifies impact.

Having more or less money doesn’t make a person better or worse, but it does change their ability to affect others. A rich do-gooder can do a lot of good. A rich ne’er-do-well can be very destructive. Technology works like this, too.
What matters is the message. If I carefully craft my message, and it’s useful for you, I can have a big and positive impact. So can anyone.

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