It’s time to get your priorities straight

Is this you? “I really want to talk to my kids about this, but there never seems to be a good time.”  Or, “I keep realizing that it’s time to talk to my kid, but other things get in the way.”  Or, “It’s very important to me, but we just haven’t found the time.”

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The pros and cons of technology

Our technology is powerful! Like money, technology magnifies impact.

Having more or less money doesn’t make a person better or worse, but it does change their ability to affect others. A rich do-gooder can do a lot of good. A rich ne’er-do-well can be very destructive. Technology works like this, too.
What matters is the message. If I carefully craft my message, and it’s useful for you, I can have a big and positive impact. So can anyone.

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Help! My kid Googled “porn”!

I hear this all the time.  It is SO common for kids to google “porn” or “naked girls” or “penis”.  They want to see what’s out there.  That curiosity is normal and healthy.

The results that pop up from a search like that, however, are NOT.

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Hasn’t porn been around forever?

Great question

Yes, yes it has.  But not porn like what we have today.

I want you to have this background because chances are, your kids may make exactly this argument.  They have a natural healthy drive, time to do a little research, and they’ll argue you into a corner to get what they want.

If we define pornography as art that is meant to arouse, then yes, people have made erotic art since cave-man days. 

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Anything is better than nothing

When I was a teen I used to sneak out of the house. Well, I thought I was sneaking. Turns out, my parents knew. Whenever I slipped out, the bells hanging on the door chimed. They heard those bells and knew exactly what was happening.

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Nonpartisan, Neutral and Necessary: We need all hands on deck

Porn has been around, in various forms, for centuries. Yet, the porn of today is an entirely new phenomenon. It’s more explicit than ever before, more deviant than ever before, and more accessible than ever before. That accessibility is creating a public health crisis for our kids.

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