The Problem and The Solution to the Human Trafficking Crisis in the U.S.

The Problem:

Our video begins with John Van Arnam’s news pieces over the years discussing the harms of underage people watching explicit content online. The most recent news comes in the form of “Sextortion Scams” perpetrated by predators who coerce young people into sharing nudes and then threatening to share these images in exchange for money or favors.

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The Third Talk on WRAL

The Third Talk is featured on WRAL in an article entitled “Have ‘The Third Talk’ to protect your kids from porn, predators on the internet.”

The Third Talk Founder, John Van Arnam, talks to WRAL’s lifestyle editor Kathy Hanrahan about the need for this important conversation to protect young people from exposure and from online predators.

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Citizen Times: Local nonprofit helps families have a tough conversation

August 2, 2021 | Chris Worthy

John Van Arnam, founder of The Third Talk, likens sex to driving. No one would expect a young person learn to drive by watching “Fast and Furious” movies. Van Arnam also knows they shouldn’t learn about sex by watching pornography. But access is everywhere – children have it on their phones – so he wants parents to talk with their children about it.

“Our purpose is to initiate the conversation between parents and their young people regarding avoiding the exposure of explicit adult material to young folks,” he said.

The conversation transcends religious beliefs, political opinions and more, Van Arnam said.

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Subject matter experts The Third Talk Inc. today announced the release of their Parent’s Guide, a first-of-its-kind program to provide parents the language necessary to have a pornography prevention conversation with their children. Designed for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and guardians, this seven-part video series offers adults the words to use to initiate the conversation, and the multiple health and safety reasons young people shouldn’t see adult content. This video series is available at and arrives just in time for back-to-school discussions each parent must now have with their young students.

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The Third Talk™ on ABC 13 News

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, was on ABC 13 News with Lauren Brigman.

The Third Talk™ Founder John Van Arnam spoke with WLOS Channel 13’s Lauren Brigman about the harm of online content for young people.

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The Third Talk™ on Channel 7 News

The Third Talk™ Founder speaks on Channel 7 News to Amy Wood about the harms of online pornography to our young people.

In this thorough, thoughful and revealing interview John explains the idea of The Third Talk, the ages of children seeing this content, the harm it causes and how to remedy the situation.

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