Boy & Mom Followup Conversation after The Third Talk™ Consultation

After a The Third Talk™ meeting with John Van Arnam, the son and mom of one family agreed to come in and discuss their experience.

In a relaxed setting, they talked about not only how their private consultation with John went, but what happened afterward. This video is designed to help kids and their parents understand how important and easy this conversation can be.

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The Third Talk™ Founder Talks to a Local Boy

The Third Talk ™ Founder, John Van Arnam, spoke with a local boy and his mother about the child’s experience watching online pornography.

In this intimate conversation, the boy explained how he was introduced to online pornography and just how easy it was to get around the “Safe Search” feature on his family’s internet security.

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The Third Talk™ Interview at the Girl Up™ Regional Leadership Summit

The Third Talk Foundation™ founder, John Van Arnam, had a one-on-one conversation with a young woman at the UN Foundation’s Girls Up 2018 Regional Leadership Summit.

In this powerful excerpt, she talks about her experience navigating school and dating – or not dating – because of the repercussions of online pornography and its impact on her and her peers.

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Girls Talk About Porn

“I’m a freshmen. I didn’t expect poems and flowers every day, but sending me a text saying ‘show me your tits’ was not how I expected to be ‘asked out’ by a boy.”

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