Bill Maher on Kids’ Access to Porn – The Third Talk® is the Solution

This is a very poignant excerpt from Bill Maher’s show “Real Time with Bill Maher” where he talks about eight-year-olds having access to porn on their smartphones, then says, “It’s messing up kids’ brains and no one seems to care or be doing anything about it.” We agree that it is destroying kids’ brains, but we are very happy to say we are doing something about it!

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The Problem and The Solution to the Human Trafficking Crisis in the U.S.

The Problem:

Our video begins with John Van Arnam’s news pieces over the years discussing the harms of underage people watching explicit content online. The most recent news comes in the form of “Sextortion Scams” perpetrated by predators who coerce young people into sharing nudes and then threatening to share these images in exchange for money or favors.

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