Bill Maher Overtime Segment Discusses the Harms of Pornography on Today’s Youth

Bill Maher’s Overtime segment posted to YouTube on September 9th, 2022 features guests Wynton Marsalis, Scott Galloway and Matt Welch. During a conversation about TikTok, Democracy, China’s authoritarian political system and the differences in culture, jazz musician and teacher Wynton Marsalis made an important observation. His introduction of his experience with his young students watching internet pornography and the change that has occurred has been the focus of The Third Talk®’s mission for over 20 years. We at The Third Talk believe that parents must discuss avoiding internet pornography with their children. We encourage you to read and absorb this important discussion.

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The Problem and The Solution to the Human Trafficking Crisis in the U.S.

The Problem:

Our video begins with John Van Arnam’s news pieces over the years discussing the harms of underage people watching explicit content online. The most recent news comes in the form of “Sextortion Scams” perpetrated by predators who coerce young people into sharing nudes and then threatening to share these images in exchange for money or favors.

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