Fox News Interviews John Van Arnam Regarding Sextortion Scams

The Third Talk’s John Van Arnam was interviewed by Fox News regarding “Sextortion Scams” where young people are asked to send nude photos of themselves to predators and are then extorted for favors or money.

“We, as adults, are just becoming comfortable enough with the understanding that this is happening to all of our children,” said Van Arnam. The video goes on to state that 1 in 4 victims of sextortion are younger than 13 years old, and that 2 in 3 victims are girls threatened before 16 years old.

The Third Talk helps parents have the difficult conversations with their kids about this growing crisis. Having this conversation will help your kids avoid the many online dangers they face today. With sexting, grooming, sextortion and human trafficking on the rise, The Parent’s Guide is an eBook and Video Subscription that will educate you and help you have this conversation in a productive no shame/no blame way.

The Parent’s Guide

Video URL: Forsyth County juvenile falls victim to sextortion scam

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