The Third Talk

I am a Dad, a coach and a believer in kids.

I volunteer as a basketball coach, I volunteer as an advocate, I have assisted search engines to create family safe search practices surrounding adult content, and I am the Founder of The Third Talk™ Foundation Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3. I have a degree in Psychology and a minor in Child Psychology. I am a Subject Matter Expert on the prevention of childhood exposure to online adult content.

This can be a scary topic for parents to think about much less discuss. However we need to put our own fear aside because this content exists for all of our children on every device and social media platform they see. We can no longer hope, or expect that they will not see this content or be affected by viewing it. We have tried for 20 years to remove it, restrict it or shake our fists in anger; however our underage American kids still see over 380 adult content videos every second of every day. (How long did it take you to read this far.) We have to act. That action comes in the form of honest communication.

How are you affecting change?

Talking to the parents of 7-17 year old kids and providing them the language they can use to initiate their own family discussion surrounding adult content in their own families belief system.

What are your expected results?

We are reducing the number of adult content videos viewed by children. Changing the culture from “porn-culture” to one of respect communication and care. Even a very small percentage reduction in exposure, translates to hundreds of millions of videos that are not viewed by underage kids. A 10% reduction is equivalent to over 1.2 billion videos removed from the viewership of 7-17 year old American kids in one calendar year.

Why are you doing this?

So your son can explore his own sexuality without feeling the need to perform on a level he is uncomfortable with, or do things he feels he shouldn’t do just to ‘fit in.’ When your daughter has full confidence in her own physical safety, and any interaction comes from a place of mutual respect and communication, you will know we have turned the tide. It starts with our young people, without shame or blame, and a willingness to meet all kids in the world they live in, not the world we wished they lived in.

Is this a specific ideology, or religion?

The Third Talk™ is information for parents about their children growing up in a porn-soaked internet environment and how to manage that successfully within their own family’s belief system and nothing else. There are no ideological beliefs incorporated, and this is not “sex-ed”. We are a non-profit, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-biased, prevention based education platform. We are sex-positive, and communication focused.

What hurt?

Pornography in the brain of a young boy can alter the interest he has in real people, enhance aggression, depression, fear, shame, loneliness, and even set neural pathways in his brain that might take years of therapy to remedy. This content for young girls can act as a guide or a strategy to showcase what boys “want”. We as grown ups can do a much better job of preparing our children for this inevitable environment, and I am going to be a part of that solution!

BE BRAVE for your children, they cannot be brave for themselves regarding adult content at such early ages!


Coach John

* The stats and numbers on this website are available online. These are not my numbers. I have done a lot of research over the past 16 years and have spoken with a lot of people, but the numbers are not numbers I have created. I have compiled them, and I stand by them 100%. Again, they can all be confirmed by a Google search.