Coach John
The Third Talk™ Founder, SME

“Allowing children unfettered access to pornographic material is just so clearly wrong, and leads to so many negative consequences, that I am doing whatever I can to put a stop to it.” John Van Arnam

Over the past twenty-six years, John has been acutely aware of the all but invisible health challenge to young people occurring in our society. Internet pornography exposure has now manifested into the inescapable alteration of our young people's personalities through their early and continual exposure to it, and the clear connection between this early exposure with sexting, grooming, assault, and human trafficking.

In 1993, as a graduate from Syracuse University with a degree in psychology, John headed to the West Coast and took a job as a salesperson processing online credit cards. It was there he first observed the porn industry utilizing online credit cards to increase product sales while maintaining their clientele’s anonymity. Collaboration with Yahoo!, Google and MSFT through 2010, furthered John’s knowledge of the ongoing challenge to control inappropriate and undesirable content from an underage user’s computer.

John witnessed the explosion of pornographic material through the birth and expansion of the internet. The adult entertainment industry that went from the classic Playboy Magazine and exotic underground material to next level content available to anyone regardless of age.

John recognized the slow growing infiltration of online pornography into the culture of our youth as nothing short of the hijacking of our young people’s innocence, future relationships, self-esteem, overall well-being and personal safety; as well as the reduction in the natural joy in healthy relationships.

It is from this knowledge and experience that John created The Third Talk®, a fact based, statistically accurate, and easily absorbable strategy to initiate pornography-prevention conversations with your young people. A powerful advocate for healthy children with an unapologetic delivery, John provides straight forward phrases to start a lasting discussion within your family about avoiding youth exposure to online pornography.

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