The Third Talk


Parents have “The Talk” to teach their kids about the birds and the bees. A second talk regarding sexual development usually happens around middle school and is most often given by a guidance counselor or health teacher to discuss anatomy, pregnancy, boundaries, safety, and STD’s. Young children are then left on their own to go discover sexuality. Sadly, most children do that online. When you then combine the ubiquitous nature of online porn, cell phones in the hands of every tween and teen, busy and/or uninformed parents, and a lack of discussion in our schools, churches, communities, government, families and medical communities; we see that our kids are left on their own to operate in an environment where pornography is available to them in a way this content has never been available to anyone before in human history. Because of this confluence of external conditions, Parents now need to have another talk with their kids. The Third Talk™ Parents need to have with their kids, is about online pornography.

We cannot end alcohol-related road deaths by eliminating alcohol, or roads. We cannot end our pornography challenge by trying to eliminate online pornography. It is up to all the Parents to inform and instruct their own kids regarding this content, and The Third Talk™ is here to help. The PREVENTION discussion takes 1 hour, without the need for any additional counseling sessions, homework, software, CD’s / DVD’s, workbooks or data to send. The “cure” to the problem if it is left unchecked, can take years and years of therapy, shame, self loathing and unfulfilled expectations and happiness. (Please see our National Porn Recovery Centers page.)

It’s easier to avoid this challenge than you may think. Send us a message, and together with you, we’ll PREVENT the harm this content may cause your young children now and later on in their lives.


I do not blame, shame, ridicule, or use colorful language. I am not a father figure, I am not a friend. I am a coach. I am a guide through this risky gauntlet, and I do not pull punches. I speak to families regarding the world our kids live in, not the world we wished they lived in. I do this because the challenge we face is no less urgent than the health and wellbeing of our most impressionable family members.