The Third Talk


To initiate the conversation between children and their parents regarding online pornography exposure, and to provide practical, real world solutions.

Because this conversation has historically been too awkward or uncomfortable for parents, our children have grown up in a world of constant exposure to pornography without adult input, supervision, or restrictions. Pornography will be a part of all our young teen’s / tween’s life for a very long time, and must be mitigated by communication now, before any exposure.

This is not our children’s fault. This is not the fault of a 15 year old boy, mirroring what he has seen in online pornography for years, because it has not been made clear to him that it’s not real. In his pursuit of a natural curiosity of this element of his personality, he may unintentionally cross serious boundaries, drifting into assault, as he acts out what he believes is ‘expected’ or ‘normal’; and maybe only because his sex education has come from porn. The Third Talk™ is here to speak with these children, and their Parents, and initiate the porn conversation in a way that does not come from shame or blame. Our children are innocent of this challenge. They are not ‘bad kids’ because they are biologically and spiritually attracted to this content. They did not invent porn, or smart phones. This is the world they now live in, and this is not their fault.

We are a non-denominational, non-partisan, kid focused education organization; we are for education, we are for communication and We are for kids™! We are also for solutions that take into consideration the real world our kids live in now, and not the world we wished they lived in. Together we can create a better world for our kids to grow up in.

Together, we can change our porn-culture.