The Third Talk

    The Third Talk Foundation will differentiate itself through a unique fathers-first approach, encouraging conversations between fathers and sons, as an initial call-to-action. Then, with our female Human Sexuality Doctors, partners, and advocates, speak to young women and girls about the harm this content can pose to them. We will discuss how these ‘damaged boys’ (my term), do not represent healthy physical communication for young women and girls, but instead a quick, single-minded goal, attainable only because the bar for this interaction has been set so low.

  • Our young Men, with a better understanding of why and how they now exist in a world where pornography is commonplace, can more easily change their behavior and expectations. We explain in terms that boys understand how pornography has never been available like this before, why they will want to see pornography, why they shouldn’t see it, and how their natural interest in viewing this content is a normal healthy emotional response to the non-normal environmental conditions within which they exist, and within which their brains are currently developing. It is not a child’s fault that they are not prepared. It is our fault, my fault, your fault, Parents fault.
  • The Third Talk does not want kids to forego the healthy positive interactions that are important to the overall development of every young person, but instead to understand how sexuality is better without pornography. Were not against sexuality; however the sexuality currently displayed in middle schools and high schools in not emotionally healthy. The cost for viewing pornography as sex ed, comes early in development, and with a very high price.  Pornography is complicating young people’s sexuality not enhancing it, and for some kids altering their enjoyment of sexuality with others permanently. Your kids need to know how and why, and how to avoid this very real pitfall.
  • They also need to know that they are their only salvation. The people who can best keep porn content from hurting young kids, are young kids. Parents, we need to get out in front and help. Now. We need to show them how to avoid that hurt. The more Parents and children we reach, and with whom we can initiate this conversation, the more quickly and permanently we will change porn-culture. This is the purpose of The Third Talk.
  • Meet with us, individually or in a gathering, and allow us to change your mind, and your children’s mind, about online porn completely and forever.
    • We’ll speak with you and your child.
    • We’ll put the videos up online.
    • We’ll initiate that conversation for you, and give you some thoughtful strategy on how to keep the conversation going.   *Hint*   ….it’s just listening.
    • We’ll develop downloadable, print-ready Interactive Online Discussion Guides if you need them. 
      • The Third Talk also outlines talking points, proof points, and suggested language to limit chauvinism.
      • Tailored discussion guides and videos covering topics such as:
        • Showing how porn is not not without cost, but can actually be quite expensive to a child who is not guided by his or her parents.
        • Understanding that people are people, and not simply objects.
        • Understanding and describing the compelling nature of viewing porn at young ages, why it has the potential to become compulsive.
        • How porn can diminish, and even eliminate, the natural, healthy, biologic, God-given enjoyment of this healthy human interaction. This is the saddest part of the hurt to kids.
        • We need to take the step forward as parents and have this conversation with our kids.