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Subject matter experts The Third Talk Inc. today announced the release of their Wake-Up Parents! video, a first-of-its-kind depiction of the trauma that online pornography can cause young people. This video, told from the standpoint of 18-year-olds, is important, heart-wrenching, and vitally necessary in an effort to combat what has become a destructive issue affecting children and teens, that was completely unknown to previous generations. The video launch comes at the exact moment that Billie Eilish, world-renowned singer-songwriter, revealed the very same trauma she herself experienced when first exposed to explicit online pornography at age 11.

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The Third Talk on WRAL

The Third Talk is featured on WRAL in an article entitled “Have ‘The Third Talk’ to protect your kids from porn, predators on the internet.”

The Third Talk Founder, John Van Arnam, talks to WRAL’s lifestyle editor Kathy Hanrahan about the need for this important conversation to protect young people from exposure and from online predators.

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The Third Talk in Alliance Nebraska

On November 18th, 2021 at the PAC center in Alliance Nebraska, The Third Talk Founder addressed the good people of Alliance to discuss the importance of parents speaking with their young people about the dangers of explicit content online.

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McKenna’s Story

I grew up in a loving and kind home, but one that sometimes lacked structure. As such, I was often left alone as a kid and young adult, and I often preoccupied myself by spending time on the internet and the computer. While much of this time was spent playing computer games or reading, sometimes I stumbled upon the “dark” side of the internet.

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Dopamine and DMs

Being a young kid is an exciting time. Awkward, but exciting. Our hormones are raging, we’re discovering ourselves and our sense of individuality, we’re given more freedom and choice as we begin to navigate the world outside the direct supervision of our parents. Our feelings are big and bold and brash. They’re also unpredictable and fluctuating.

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An Elder Millenial’s Take on Porn, Pt. II

Like I spoke of earlier, I’m an elder millennial, meaning I’m a small cohort of a generation that straddles the line of life pre-internet and life post-. My adolescence was marked heavily by the internet, but not defined by it.

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