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The Third Talk™ Speaks to High School Kids

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, speaks to high school kids in North Carolina.

John speaks to these young people about the harm of viewing adult content and how doing so can become a script. Although John has been called a “subject matter expert,” a “sexual health consultant,” and a “lecturer,” he prefers the term “coach” – a coach on the prevention of pornography exposure to young people.

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The Third Talk™ in Church

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, spoke at faith-based institution.

This topic concerns us all. It is non-denominational and John has the solution for parents talking to their kids about online pornography.

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The Third Talk™ at NC DPI Training Seminar

The Third Talk™ Founder, John Van Arnam, spoke at RISE Training for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).

“We talked about trafficking … objectification, shaming, bullying.” John talks to professional and parents about the importance of addressing the domestic issue of online pornography and children.

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Is pornography addicting?

All porn is entertainment, designed to catch our attention and give us a thrill.  That thrill, on a physiological level, is a release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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Girls Talk About Porn

“I’m a freshmen. I didn’t expect poems and flowers every day, but sending me a text saying ‘show me your tits’ was not how I expected to be ‘asked out’ by a boy.”

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