To initiate a conversation between parents and their young people regarding avoiding exposure to explicit adult material online. We provide practical, real world language to start that talk, and then the “how and the why” to keep the conversation going.


Parents will have the talk to teach their kids about the birds and the bees. A second talk happens in middle school, often given by a health teacher or a guidance counselor to discuss anatomy, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and then that’s it. Then our young people are left on their own to go discover their own sexuality, and unfortunately, all too often, they do that online.

Parents now need to have another talk. The Third Talk™ parents need to have with their young people is about explicit adult material online and pornography-prevention. Kids need to learn the social, physical and psychological reasons why they should avoid pornography, and parents need support initiating those conversations before a child’s first exposure.

Adult content is now so normalized that some parents will say “it’s just porn” without realizing how dramatic an effect this content can have on their young people, their developing brians or how significantly and quickly the viewing of explicit material can affect their kids.

Neither our schools, churches, government, technology, nor the porn industry are going to solve this for us. We cannot expect our children to manage the exposure to adult content without our guidance. Its up to grown-ups, and The Third Talk™ is here to help.

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Our Responsibility As Parents