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The Third Talk on WRAL

The Third Talk is featured on WRAL in an article entitled “Have ‘The Third Talk’ to protect your kids from porn, predators on the internet.”

The Third Talk Founder, John Van Arnam, talks to WRAL’s lifestyle editor Kathy Hanrahan about the need for this important conversation to protect young people from exposure and from online predators.

“The average age when a young person first experiences this content is 11, so anywhere between ages 8 and 14 would be considered ‘normal’ for the first time of exposure,” John says.

MJ’s interview for The Third Talk is also featured, where she talks about seeing this content at age 9 and becoming addicted to it. (See MJ’s full video here.)

“We’ve seen a huge increase in what we call “cyber tips” come from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” says Commander Kevin Roughton of the State Bureau of Investigations. “When children and young people are exposed to pornography at such a young age, it can tend to normalize that type of behavior, to where then they may begin engaging in that or see it as a normal type of engagement in online activities which creates an increase in internet crimes against children.”

John adds, “I know it’s scary to have this conversation with your young person, but watching this content is super scary to your young person, and we really need to take a moment to step back and think about whose fear is more important.”

MJ’s interview ends with this plea to parents, “It’s imperative that you talk to your kids about this over and over and over again.”

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