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This course will allow its participants to leave knowledgeable as to the health and safety challenges that sexually explicit material (SEM) has on our students. Participants will learn the solution to avoid the harm it will cause our students and the language to use to best protect them. We face a new internet-based safety challenge for youth that has not been addressed in our schools. As such, it is imperative we offer you this new type of training. This one-day course will provide educators the skills to train members of their team to identify behavior symptomatic of SEM viewership in students, and properly address questions students will ask regarding SEM.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Course chapters include:
    1. Goals and Objectives of The Third Talk™
    2. Explicit Adult Material in the Modern Era
    3. Societal Impact of Explicit Adult Material Online
    4. Impact of Explicit Adult Material on New Social Norms
    5. Effects of Explicit Adult Material on the Developing Mind
    6. Youth Consumption of Explicit Adult Material and Human Trafficking
    7. Prevention and Mitigation of Underage Consumption of Explicit Adult Material

Our children avoiding viewership of SEM is a necessary and critical topic that has real world implications on the health of our entire student population. Join us to learn how to assist your students avoid the harm this content will have on them now, through adolescence and into adulthood. Sign up below to protect your kids from this mental, physical and relational challenge.

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