Young Person Testimonials - The Third Talk

12 year-old boy

"He was funny and his presentation was interesting."

Teenage Boy

“I saw porn at my friend’s house. I wanted to talk to dad about it, but knew he’d get mad. Mr. Van Arnam helped me and my dad talk about what happened. It was cool.”

Girl, 15

“The Third Talk has given me confidence. I want to date, but not if he’s watching porn and not interested in me as a person. I now know what to ask and what to look for. I told my friends about it.”

Girl, 12

“I asked my mom about sex and she told me, ‘Just don’t have sex.’ Then I saw porn at a friend’s house and had more questions. Seeing (The Third Talk) with my family, brought us closer together. We talk now, and that feels a lot better. It was weird, but worth it.”

Boy, 13​

“I watched porn to know what sex is. There’s a lot of it on the internet, but he (John Van Arnam) talked to me and my dad and now I know it’s not real. It wasn’t that bad talking about it really, I feel better.”

Boy, 14

“I am kinda shy, so when I saw pornography I was really just interested in learning about girls. It didn’t help me talk to girls at all. It (The Third Talk) helped me understand that I don’t need to watch porn to know about girls.”

Girl, 12

“My cousin tried to show me pornography on his computer while our parents weren’t around, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to see that. I was embarrassed to talk to my Mom, so I didn’t say anything. Mr. Van Arnam came to my school and said it’s okay to talk about it with my Mom and Dad. I finally was about to say something without them getting mad at me.”

Boy, 14

“Sex is scary. They (The Third Talk) said that some guys have trouble performing because they are addicted to porn. I don’t want to be that guy.”

Girl, 13

“I’ve seen porn for a few years. I first walked in while one of my stepsister’s friends was watching it. Until he (John) talked to me and my mom, I didn’t know how to talk about it without feeling like a tattle tale. Now I know that talking about it is important.”

Boy, 14

“Feeling insecure makes me depressed. I used to just lock myself in my room and then started watching porn to feel better, but it made me more depressed. I wanted to talk to someone but its so weird. It (The Third Talk) helped me talk about my feelings and I’m no longer all that depressed.”

Boy, 12

“I’ve never seen pornography and now that I know what it is, I don’t ever want to.”

Girl, 14

“I wish The Third Talk could visit every school so kids and parents will know how to avoid it! Especially the boys.”

Girl, 13

“Now that I know what pornography is, I don’t want to talk to boys who watch it. I will talk to them, though, if they don't watch it.”

Girl, 14

“I don’t want to grow up too fast, but I do want to date and have fun. It (The Third Talk) has given me the confidence to talk about the sex things. I don’t want boys treating me like the girls in the porn movies.”

Boy 15

“It was weird at first talking about porn with a grown up, but he was funny and it wasn't so bad.”

Boy 15

“Porn can mess you up. I kinda knew that but listening to Mr. Van Arnam made me think about it differently. I don't want my younger brother or sisters watching it.”

Girl 14

“In some ways it's really gross to just watch porn and think that's what girls are like. I'm not like that, and boys who think I am can just stay away. My Mom and Dad made me go to hear this thing (The Third Talk) but I am really glad I went.”

Boy 11

“Its so weird to hear a grown up talk about it (porn), cause no one ever did. He says all the words but it didn't seem too bad.”