Professional Testimonial from The Third Talk® Appearance at Guilford Preparatory Academy

Dr. Devon Carson, Principal at Guilford Preparatory Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina joined The Third Talk’s® John Van Arnam for a Zoom interview regarding John’s appearance on September 20, 2022.

Dr. Carson began, “I knew back in August, the first time I heard you speak [at R.I.S.E. Training 2022], that this is definitely something I wanted to bring to our school and make sure that our parents had an opportunity to get in front of and gain more information. I know a lot of times the subject matter may be a little difficult to deal with on the front end. However, I know that if this is an epidemic that we don’t get in front of we’re always going to be chasing it. Then again, our kids are worth hard decisions or hard conversations, so to me that was the overriding factor…”

He went on to say that he felt parents left the engagement with a better understanding of this challenge. “I think your program, The Third Talk, lends itself perfectly to [arming parents with the tools they need to address this challenge]. You give everyone in attendance an easy roadmap… As far as the material, as far as the lessons… and the examples that you share with us, none of it was scary to me. I think it’s important for us to face our fears as a society. I know that we’re supposed to protect our kids, but we do them a huge disservice when we don’t have [this] conversation and when we don’t ask them about who their friends are, what they’re doing at sleepovers… We have to put ourselves out there and be comfortable being uncomfortable when it comes to the safety and security of our children.”

When asked what Dr. Carson would say to other educators about having The Third Talk come to their school, he responded, “I would say do it. We have to hit this epidemic head on. It is so pervasive… As administrators it’s time that we face the reality and face the truth that we need help. We need help with this topic and we need to do a much better job for our young people to help save them and put them in a better place. They are learning [sexuality] from all the places we don’t want them to learn it from.”

John has a 22-year history protecting children from viewing explicit online material and is the creator of the Parent’s Guide, the eBook and Video Series that helps parents initiate this difficult conversation with their kids.

We also invite you to watch and read our Parent and Professional Testimonials and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the many videos we create covering this topic. This is exactly the conversation we are having; it needs to be parents, and we’re here to help you have that conversation.

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