Rashida Jones Interview Touches on the Harms of Pornography on Today’s Youth

During a conversation with Vice about her documentary “Hot Girls Wanted”, actress, director, writer, and producer Rashida Jones answers questions about her stance on pornography.

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Gianna Toboni: What are your thoughts on porn and the porn industry?

Rashida Jones: I have no problem with porn. Also, it doesn’t matter if I have any kind of problem with porn because it’s here to stay. [laughing]

GT: Yeah.

RJ: But I, personally, have no problem with porn as adult entertainment… The problem with me is that there’s no regulation industry. The average age now where someone watches their first porn is eleven. And that would be fine, except to say ‘porn’ it’s such a broad term. Porn can be anything from like something really softcore and mellow, to like hardcore, violent, torture porn… For somebody to learn about sex from porn, I think is really dangerous. And I think that happens a lot.

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RJ: Porn is not a taboo, you know, marginal, subversive thing anymore. It’s like, front and center.

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