The Problem and The Solution to the Human Trafficking Crisis in the U.S.

The Problem:

Our video begins with John Van Arnam’s news pieces over the years discussing the harms of underage people watching explicit content online. The most recent news comes in the form of “Sextortion Scams” perpetrated by predators who coerce young people into sharing nudes and then threatening to share these images in exchange for money or favors.

Then we hear from brave young men and women who became addicted to this content as early as age nine, and its affects as they move into adulthood.

Then we briefly hear from Author Deborah Berry about how she did not think it could happen to her and her daughter – who nearly became the victim of sexual predators; then Commander Roughton as he describes the skyrocketing number of Cyber Tips to the Crimes Against Children Task Force since 2020.

The Solution:

Finally, we get to see firsthand John Van Arnam’s most recent appearances at schools, community talks, the 2022 R.I.S.E. Training in North Carolina and his own Raleigh 2022 Seminar “A Critical Dialogue About Our Children & Technology” where he talks about all the progress The Third Talk has made reaching parents to have this most important discussion with their children. Testimonials follow and we come full circle to the healing and prevention affects of parent’s talking to their kids.

If you are a parent and you have not had this conversation with your child, we urge you to get the Parent’s Guide – an eBook and Video Series that walks you through how to have this conversation successfully. If you don’t feel comfortable starting this conversation, you can request a personal or family consultation with John, and you can also request he speak at your community venue.

Don’t wait. Chances are your kids are watching this and it’s your duty to protect them from the harms caused by watching this content.

Parent’s Guide:
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